Free Scrub Cap Patterns

Tired of sewing masks, but still want to help? Why not sew an awesome scrub cap using one of these great free scrub cap sewing patterns? Consider adding buttons on the side for hooking a mask to.

There are tons of different styles of scrub caps out there! If you didn’t work in healthcare, you might have been caught by surprise at the options. If you’re not sure which style to pick ask the hospital you are donating to which style they prefer. If you are donating to a friend, ask them instead. Some caps work better for short hair and some work better for longer hair.

Types of Scrub Caps

  • Tieback: A common unisex pattern that lies close to the head and has an adjustable fit with ties in the back. 
  • Pixie: Unisex and ideal for shorter hairstyles.  It has elastic or a flap in the back that holds hair.
  • Hummingbird: A classic medical cap ideal for shoulder-length hair.
  • Bouffant: Perfect for women with curly and thick hair. 
  • Ponytail: Similar to a pixie style but with additional fabric at the base of the neck for a ponytail. Great for long hair.

Free Scrub Cap Patterns to Choose From

Great Unisex Patterns:

See Kate Sew has a beautiful tutorial and scrub hat pattern that includes two variations with adjustable backs to fit both men and women. Includes Surgical Cap variation. Pattern HERE

Sweet Red Poppy has an great detailed tie-back Scrub Cap tutorial with video and free pattern. Click HERE for Pattern and tutorial.

Rad Patterns has a free pattern on their site that has two options, a flat front tie-back and a bouffant style version as well for longer hair. Free Pattern HERE

The Simplifi Fabric scrub cap is beautifully constructed, and unlike most patterns is one layer so it’s cooler for the wearer and has a durable band for attaching buttons. Free Pattern & Tutorial HERE

This Hospital Scrub Cap Sewing Pattern by Joy Kate Designs uses bias tape to cinch at the back. Pattern HERE

Short Hair:

Reversible Scrub Cap Tutorial with Free Pattern and SVG. Pattern HERE

This video tutorial for a scrub cap/ “skully cap” by Rob Apell of Man Sewing at the Missouri Quilting Company. Here is the Pattern Video and Free Pattern Link.

Medium Length Hair:

Hummingbird Classic Scrub Hat. Pattern HERE.

Fashion Designer Diana Coatsworth created the Sewing Army and has a video tutorial and free pattern upload. Pattern HERE.

Long Hair:

Ponytail Scrub Hat Pattern. Pattern HERE.

Rad Patterns, mentioned previously, also has a Bouffant option in their pattern to accommodate long hair.

Doodabug also has a free bouffant surgical cap pattern available to those who sign up for their newsletter. Link to Pattern Page HERE

I’m really enjoying making some beautiful scrub caps for some of my friends in healthcare. If you’ve been making masks non-stop this is a great break! Make sure to check out my other posts down below as well!

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