Welcome to That Sewing Life!

My name is Christine and I’m the busy woman behind the sewing machine. I live in Florida with my husband and our three young children.  When I’m not running around after my kids, you’ll find me in my sewing room.

Here at That Sewing Life you will find practical solutions to make your sewing life easier along with projects, tutorials and patterns to keep you inspired and sewing!

Make sure to read the valuable articles on sewing organization and time management to help you make the best use of your time and get some sewing done! As a busy mama of three young ones, I know that finding “free time” is tough. It is possible though!

People always ask me, “how do you find time to sew?” The truth is, I couldn’t imagine NOT sewing so I found a way. I’d like to share these tips with you too. 🙂  Along the way I’ll be sharing all the fun sewing makes I’m up to from the practical to the extra extra makes that make my family shake their head in bewilderment.

I’ve been sewing since I stole my parent’s sewing basket at 5 and tried to hand sew a dress for my Barbie. When I was 13 my father bought me my very own machine and taught me the basics. The sewing machine hasn’t left my side since.

Several years back I quit my teaching job and went back to school to get my degree in fashion design. I graduated with honors and started doing product design for a fabric company.  I LOVED it, but I’m happy I’ve made the choice to stay at home with my three littles.

I hope to share my love of sewing and teach others through this website. Life can get so busy, it’s easy to neglect yourself, but I truly feel that making time to create feeds the soul. I know sewing has always been a way for me to reconnect with an essential part of myself. I hope that this blog can help you start sewing more.

That Sewing Life is all about making time for yourself and feeding your spirit by nurturing your passion.