Woven Button Headband Tutorial

An easy to sew button headband made from woven cotton fabric that will stay in place when worn with a mask! The dart at the back contours it to the shape of the head and prevents it from slipping forward when used to secure a mask to the face.

Make it with buttons for healthcare workers using masks for 12 hour shifts at a time, or make it for yourself as a cute headband, sans buttons. Follow along with the picture tutorial and make sure to download the FREE PATTERN HERE. If you prefer to watch video there’s a YouTube video tutorial at the bottom of the post as well!


This list contains affiliate links to good deals for the materials on Amazon in case you are out of buttons or elastic. 🙂

Step 1.) Cut two pattern pieces from your fabric, carefully placing the top straight edge against the fold of the fabric. The right end will be cut open (see the unfolded pattern piece below).

Step 2.) Sew the darts on your two pieces. Note how the end of the dart tapers into the folded seam allowance and makes a smooth curve. Instead of back-stitching at the end of the dart, make the stitch length really short and then knot the thread ends.

Step 3.) Pin the front and back pieces right sides together (RST), nesting the seam allowances so that they face opposites sides. Take your elastic and pin on one side only. (I actually use clips because they are safer with little kids around- here is the affiliate link to the exact clips I bought myself on Amazon.)

Step 4.) Sew along the marked red line, making sure to back-stitch over the end with elastic to secure. You will leave approx 3″ open on one side of the back seam for turning and you will leave the other end open.

Step 5.) Grab the elastic and pull it through to the other open end, making sure not to flip it, and pin it. Sew over the end a couple times to secure it.

Step 6.) Grab the elastic through the 3″ opening and pull the headband right side out.

Step 7.) Poke out the corners and sides. Press the headband and turn under the edges on the opening 1/4″.

Step 8.) Top-stitch all around the headband, making sure to catch the edges of the opening. ….And…. You’re almost there! Stop here if you don’t need buttons.

Step 9.) Refer to the pattern for button placement and sew on two large buttons (from 1/2″ – 1″).

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