Free Editable Label Printable

Free Editable Labels for your Sewing Room

I created a FREE PRINTABLE with labels that you can download and use as is or edit to exactly what you need. These beautiful labels feature a playful handwritten font and watercolor backgrounds. Labels are the finishing touch to an organized space. Use them to label your fabric boxes, notions drawers and more. Get your free Editable Label Printable by clicking on the link below.

To edit the file all you need to do is open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader and click on the text fields that you see (pre-populated with fabric types). I used a free downloadable font called “Adora Chalie” from Dafont. If you want the same look you’ll need to download and install the font first. If you’ve never done this prepare to get addicted- seriously! There are sooooo many beautiful free fonts out there for your personal use and downloading and installing them takes all of 5 seconds. I get lost down the font rabbit hole at least once a week.

If you don’t download the font, just know that your computer will automatically choose a font to replace it with and it will look different. Don’t worry, you can just change it to any font by following the steps below.

My computer replaced the text here with a basic sans font.  Boo.
When you let computers choose fonts… Yuck!

To change the font, font size, and font color in Adobe Reader all you need to do is open up the “Form Field Text Properties” pop-up tab by clicking “CTRL” + “E” at the same time. From this pop-up you’ll be able to choose any font you have on your computer and change the size and color as well. What you can’t change is the location of the text box, unfortunately. To address this I went ahead and formatted some text boxes so they’d look good with one line of text (all the ones on the left side) and formatted a couple so they’d look good with multiple lines of text (the ones on the right).


To get the labels all you need to do is sign up for the newsletter with your email above and I’ll send you the download link right away! Don’t worry, I won’t spam your inbox, neither of us has the time for that, haha.

Cutting and making the labels with background papers.

I had fun sticking these on my fabric boxes, where will you be using these labels?

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